Welcome to Living Waters
Farm Initiative

We want to be a safe place for those suffering from PTSD
and the difficulties associated with it.

What Is Living Waters Farm

The heart of the Living Waters Farm Initiative is found not in a place but in a way of living that empowers people to change.  The broken foundations of our fast-paced and fragmented society have left many people lost and alone often struggling with the darkness of their minds in isolation.  It is our belief that we were not created to be alone — neither physically or emotionally. We simply journey along beside the hurting and allow them to process their life.  Through pastoral counseling, peer support, and community we look to God for strength and walk together toward freedom.

Cultivating Hope and Healing on the Farm

Two vets who have journeyed together and with others to find hope in the midst of despair.

Why Living Waters Farm

We call ourselves Living Waters Farm Initiative because we look to the Source of life for true fulfillment. (John 4:10,13) The farm part was by divine accident. Our family wanted to have a hobby farm. We started dabbling with gardens and raising beef. It didn’t take long for me to see that not only was there something pleasing and restorative about farming, but in a tangible way God was illustrating life lessons through the farm. In order to grow something, you have to take ownership of it. The word Initiative can be defined as “the power or opportunity to act or take charge before other things do.” We have taken back the initiative in our lives.

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Meet Our Creators

Travis Coyle

Mark Lambert

Our Vision

It is our goal to provide for the most desperate people in need of love and acceptance; to see the potential in a person who may have lost hope. We want to be a safe place for those suffering from PTSD and the difficulties associated with it. Through love and community we know freedom beyond what our imagination can grasp. We want to see everyone experience the same freedom we have found.

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