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Living Waters Farm Intiative

Two veterans, Travis and Mark, who have journeyed together and with others to find hope in the midst of despair.
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At Living Waters Farm Initiative, we believe that we are not created to be alone — physically or emotionally. To that end, we have created a place where veterans and their families can visit between sun up and sun down, to commune with others who might be struggling to find their way back to life after combat. The 23-acre farm is a therapeutic environment where veterans can care for animals, ride horses, tend the garden, hop on a four-wheeler, help out with a project, or just sit on the porch and talk to one another, all for free. It’s not a work exchange program, there is no membership fee, there is no application process. People may simply show up and be present.  Our mission is healing through connection: bringing together people with a shared experience — military service — as a way of getting them reacquainted with life as civilians.


We want the farm to be a safe place for those suffering from PTSD and to reconnect veterans so they can remind each other of the people they still are, bridging the chasm between combat life and civilian life, and stemming the tide of PTSD-related suicides. The word initiative can mean “the power or opportunity to act or take charge before other things do.” We have taken back the initiative in our lives, and we want to help other veterans reach this place, too. 

"This isn’t one of these hundreds of charities out there which charge you an arm and a leg and make millions of dollars. You got two people who’ve genuinely been in that position.”

Kyle McQuillian, Beards and Broads