Living Waters Freedom Initiative

Alcohol & Drug-Free Program

We look to the Source of life for true fulfillment. (John 4:10,13).  The word Initiative can be defined as “the power or opportunity to act or take charge before other things do.” We have taken back the initiative in our lives.  Many veterans have turned to alcohol or drugs as a way to numb emotion or cope with stress in their lives.  Our experience is that alcohol and drug use created many more problems and complications in our lives than it helped with anything.  Therefore we decided that LWFI would be an alcohol and drug free program.  If you choose to build a relationship with LWFI we ask that you not bring alcohol of drugs to any LWFI event, program or function.

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"This isn’t one of these hundreds of charities out there which charge you an arm and a leg and make millions of dollars. You got two people who’ve genuinely been in that position.”

Kyle McQuillian, Beards and Broads